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Your Trusted Roofing Contractor in Mount Prospect, IL

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The reasons that locals consider Anchor Point Roofing a top contender for Mount Prospect roofing contractor services are obvious. We're roofing industry experts but also skilled in the craft of superior customer service.

Providing exceptional labor and materials is a critical part of the job, but so is doing whatever it takes to provide excellent customer care. We take the time necessary to communicate with our customers and answer any questions that they may have.

Your roof is the most crucial component of your Mount Prospect building, be it commercial or residential. Taking care of this roofing system is a joint effort, and we'll provide you with the skilled service required to get the maintenance done.

Commercial Roofing Services

It's important for us to be able to also take care of commercial customers in the Mount Prospect area. All of our clients deserve the same level of expert treatment, and we make it a point to provide superior service all around.

There's certainly some crossover in the services we take care of for residential customers and what we do for commercial clients. However, being well-versed in the specific needs and code requirements for each type is what matters the most.

When it comes to commercial services, some of our frequent service call requests are about:

  • Leaks & Moisture Encroachment
  • Dealing With Insufficient Maintenance
  • Blow-Offs & Flashing Problems
  • Shoddy Installation or Repair Work
  • Storm Damage

If commercial property owners realized how many of our calls were related to poor-quality installation or repair work, they'd spend more time screening their roofing contractors. So many problems can be avoided by hiring a reputable roofer in the first place for the work your roof requires.

You'll benefit greatly by hiring Anchor Point Roofing to act as your Mount Prospect roofing contractor, so make the call today!

Hire Roofing Pros & Avoid Common Errors

Your rooftop is the most valuable feature of your home. Yet, too frequently, homeowners leave roofing work to contractors with questionable ethics and history.

When you make the smart choice to work with us, you can avoid some of the most common mistakes that even self-proclaimed experts may make:

  • Lack of planning for ice dams
  • Improper slope that causes water intrusion
  • Failure to allow for adequate attic ventilation
  • Incorrect roofing shingle alignment
  • Improper use of roofing nails

The roofer you hire should be focused on quality work and not on cutting corners. You can rest assured we'll excel in taking care of your roof, from repairs and inspections to professional replacement.

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