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Roofing FAQ By Anchor Point Roofing

Q. What are some signs I need roof repairs?

There are plenty of indications that mean it's time to call the Anchor Point Roofing team for service. Some examples of these include leaks, moss growth, and missing shingles. Of course, you can also need repairs without any visible signs. Schedule regular inspections to stay current with the condition and stay ahead of repair needs.

Q. Do I need repairs or roof replacement?

Deciding whether it's time for roof repairs or replacement is based on factors such as the age of the roof and the extent of the damage. Make sure you're working with a reputable roofer, so you get honest feedback. When in doubt, get a second opinion before agreeing to any service.

Q. Why can't I just do the work myself?

For starters, the conditions alone make roof work a treacherous job. If you want to be sure the work is done correctly, that's another good reason to work with a professional. Shoddy quality work can do more harm than good, so it's better to leave the job to trained and experienced pros.

Q. How long should my roofing system last?

The lifespan on your roof is contingent on how well you take care of it during the lifespan. Other than that, different roofing materials have varying projected amounts of time for longevity. A maintained asphalt shingle roof lasts approximately 20 years, while metal roofing can survive upwards of 50 years or more.

Q. Why do I need inspections?

Roof inspections are required even though property owners treat them as optional. Inspections are a preventative form of maintenance. Consider it a cost-effective alternative to costly emergency repairs or replacement.

Q. How often do I need roofing inspections?

At the very least, you should schedule a roof inspection once a year. However, the preferred plan is twice annually, especially for older roofing systems. If your roof is new and you want to retain your warranty coverage, you'll need to adhere to the required guidelines for coverage. And, in the event of a severe weather-related event, you'll want to have your roof checked for damages, so you don't miss the window of opportunity for coverage.

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