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Avoid Chicago Roof Leaks With Flashing Repair

Flashing repair

Anchor Point Roofing takes care of the components you see and those you don't notice, that comprise your roofing system. Whether you realize it or not, flashing repair for Chicago homes and businesses is vital.

Without the expertise of a dependable roofing contractor to take care of this for you, it can lead to severe roofing damage. One of the most common discoveries during leak isolation work is that the cause is compromised flashing.

Flashing repair is often the culprit of roofing problems, which is why it's critical to schedule regular roof inspections. We're the local experts who offer prompt and professional service and care about the condition of your roof as much as you do.

The Importance of Flashing for Your Roof

Flashing is used on your roofing system in areas like:

  • Joints
  • Valleys
  • Gaps
  • Edges
  • Roof Penetrations

It's used to help prevent leaks or other types of damages, which is why it must be kept in good condition. If you require flashing repair and fail to address it promptly, you could cause severe damage to your roof.

In fact, the resulting problems could be so severe that you end up needing a roof replacement before it should be time. Flashing is utilized for residential, commercial, and industrial rooftops.

It's also used for all different roof materials, so do you know what condition your flashing is currently in?

In fact, can you even be sure it was installed correctly in the first place? Anchor Point Roofing can confirm you have flashing in place and assess the current condition, as well as deal with repairs you may need for it.

What Happens When Roof Flashing Fails?

In addition to the previously mentioned locations, flashing works in areas around fixtures like skylights or chimneys. The goal is to prevent water encroachment, which is why your flashing also has to be in good condition.

The way gutters carry water off the roof and away from the foundation, flashing redirects water that could cause leaks. Flashing causes water to travel away from areas of your roof that would be more easily susceptible to leaks.

So, missing or damaged flashing is how you end up with roof leaks, and that can mean big trouble for your roofing system. Flashing can be made from a variety of metals such as:

  • Sheet Metal
  • Galvanized Steel
  • Aluminum
  • Copper
  • PVC Plastic

No matter what type of roof or flashing you have, we're the team to take care of it for you. Call us today for service like flashing repair in Chicago.

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